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Map of America plots all 50 states and the Federal District of USA, which combine to form one of the technologically advanced, economically rich and powerful nations of the world. USA is the third largest country in the world having a total area of 9,826,630 sq km, which includes 9,161,923 sq km of land area and 664,707 sq km of water bodies. The coastline of USA stretches up to 19,924 kilometers. Mt. McKinley and Death Point are the highest and lowest points, respectively, in U.S.A.

Come see North Carolina’s favourite attractions that reflect the unique culture, geography, history, and climate of this beautiful southern state.

From Cherokee Indian Villages to Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Lighthouse, from the Blue Ridge Parkway to NASCAR stock car racing, holidays in North Carolina reveal an amazing variety of things to see and do.

This popular National Seashore preserves and protects 75 miles of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and includes the area of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse as well as visitor centers at Buxton, Bodie Island and Ocracoke Island. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in North America. In 1999, the lighthouse was relocated 2,900 feet away from the ocean to protect the landmark from beach erosion. It now stands 1,600 feet from the shore, as it did at the time it was built

The Blue Ridge Parkway, nicknamed “America’s Favorite Drive,” is a 469-mile scenic route connecting the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks. North Carolina is home to 252 miles of Parkway, which meander through two national forests and offer campgrounds, picnic areas, lodges, restaurants and countless scenic overlooks and hikes. The Parkway is popular during the autumn for its beautiful foliage.


The grave of the Pickled Pioneer is on a lonely hill in a place once known as New Canaan, "The Promised Land."

In 1855, Dr. William Keil, leader of a religious commune called the Bethelites, planned to lead his group west from Bethel, Missouri to greener pastures along the Pacific coast. Prior to the group departure, Keil's son, nineteen year old Willie, came down with malaria. Dr. Keil had promised his son he could lead the wagon train. On May 19, four days before the trip's start, Willie succumbed.

Keeping his vow to his son, Dr. Keil dropped Willie into a lead-lined coffin, filled it with 100 proof Golden Rule whiskey(a brand distilled and traded by the Bethelites), sealed it, and placed it on the lead wagon, draped in black and converted to a cross-continental hearse.

Point Bonita lighthouse

Point Bonita today is part of the largest urban national park in the United States, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A secret jewel of the Bay Area, Point Bonita is still an active lighthouse. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains the lighthouse and the National Park Service provides access to visitors.

Point Bonita Lighthouse is reached by a halfmile trail that is steep in parts. Discover Point Bonita’s wild landscape, geology and fascinating history. The tunnel halfway to the lighthouse is open only during visiting hours: Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m


Texas vacation attractions and events located in Texas and throughout the South. Travel Texas and check out exciting international attractions such as the Alamo or Texas tourist attractions like the Johnson Space Center in Houston or the Toothpick King Sculptures.

Brownsville Heritage Complex—Home of the Stillman House Museum - Brownsville, Texas

The city of Brownsville has history that goes back to the era of 1850 when Charles Stillman founded the community and built his house.  Today it is part of the Brownsville Heritage Complex.  It is the only historic house museum in the Rio Grande Valley that still stands on its original location with furnishing typical of the late 1800’s.  This house/museum will enable you to get a great feel of what it was like to live in this time period, at least for those that had the means to build such a stunning home.

Las Vegas

The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the major hotels in town. Featuring over 3000 rooms, the Las Vegas Hilton offers almost every amenity a visitor could ask for. Pools, entertainment areas, top-notch performers, and a wide variety of restaurants, the hotel is a destination in itself.

At one time the Hilton featured Elvis Presley as its entertainment. Today there is a statue of Elvis on the premises

The Stratosphere Tower is an unmistakable sight on the Las Vegas skyline. The tower rises up 370m / 1149ft and is the tallest freestanding structure in the United States. At the top of the tower are a variety of restaurants and attractions including the Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity thrill rides. If you are feeling romantic and want to get married, the Stratosphere Tower also has a "Chapel in the Sky".

New York

In addition to touring New York's various neighborhoods, you may want to plan your trip according to the city's many attractions. If you've been to New York before and have seen the popular tourist destinations, you should consider some of the smaller attractions. But first, let's take you through the highlights of a typical visit to the Big Apple.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States in honor of the friendship established during the French Revolution. The Statue of Liberty has become an American symbol of freedom and welcome to the immigrants who come to the USA looking for a better life.

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum offers visitors a fascinating look into the immigrant experience. Interactive exhibits, walking tours and movies reveal the hardships and challenges faced by immigrants passing through Ellis Island.


Beacon Hill has traditionally been the home of Boston's upper class or well to do community known locally as "Brahmin." As well, on the more modest north side of the hill, African Americans have lived here since the early 19th century. Many of the houses here are three or four-story brick brownstones in the Federal style. The streets and sidewalks are often made of brick and lend to its English-style atmosphere. The neighborhood is roughly bordered by Cambridge Street in the north, Tremont Street in the east, Boylston Street in the south and the Esplanade in the west.

The City of Boston hosts over 12 million annual visitors from across the country and around the globe. This vibrant, thriving city is renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, champion sports franchises, as well as its place at the very forefront of American history. Tourism is one of New England's largest industries; as the region's social and commercial "hub", Boston is willing to accommodate and entertain you as few other cities can.


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