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One of the seven states in the North East, Tripura is believed to be originated from "Tripura Sundari" - the supreme deity of the state remarkable in Hindus as one of the fifty one peeths of Hindu Pilgrims. In addition to this it is also maintained that primarily the land was called “Tuipra” which connotes “A land adjoining the water.” Tour to Tripura will be very exciting for you because of its ethnic cultural diversity, its bountiful natural purlieus, its temples, museums and palaces. Tourist attractions of Tripura inveigle flocks of tourists.

Places of Interest in Tripura
Agartala: The capital city, lying on the banks of Haora River, was the seat of the Kings of Tripura of the Debbarman dynasty. It is city full of temples and palaces. The Places of Interest in Agartala are the College Tilla (the college premises of Agartala), Ujjayanta Palace (a Greek styled palace built by by Maharaja Radha kishore Manikaya), Kunjaban Palace, Jagannath Temple, Venuban Vihar, Buddha Mandir, Ravindra Kanan, State Museum, Tribal Museum, Sukanta Academy, Laxminarayan Temple, Uma Maheswar Temple, Benuban Bihar, Gedu Mian Mosque, Malanch Niwas, Rabindra Kanan, Purbasha, Handicrafts Designing Centre, Fourteen Goddess Temple, Portuguese Church and Puratan Agartala.

Deotamura: This site is remarkable for the rock cut reliquary having antediluvian idols of Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu, Kartikeya, Mahishasur Mardini Durga and other gods and goddesses carved out of stone. The large images carved on vertical rocks are immensely beautiful. You can enjoy a boat ride here to enjoy the panaroma of lush green vegetations, picturesque sites of hills and the breath taking sculptures.

Pilak: Dating back to 8th and 9th centuries it is a treasure house of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures. Beautiful images of terracotta plaques and sealing scattered in a vast area here showcases the existence of skeptical classes, creeds and sects of people followers of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Gargantuan stone images of Avolokiteshwar and Narasimha are also worth seeing here.

Udaipur: Formerly called as Rangamati and Radha Kishorepur, the city of Udaipur in Tripura is a house of many temples. Tripura Sundri temple or Mata Tripur Sundri (Maa Kali) temple, Bhubeneshwari temple, Sepahijala-the wildlife sanctuary are must visit here.

Unakoti: It means “One less than a crore” and said that these many rock cut engravings are available here. According to the Hindu mythos Lord Shiva taook a night halt at this location when he was going Varanasi / Kashi along with one crore God and Goddesses. The next morning he asked other God and Goddesses to wake up and proceed for Kashi but no except Shiva proceeded for Kashi. Lord Shiva cursed others and since then they have transformed into stone images. Thereby there are one less than crore images in a charming lush landscape.

Jampui Hill: It is home of eternal springs, beautiful land scape and soothing climate. The hill ranges shelters Mizo and Reango tribes. You will find different species of orchids and other wild trees wearing blossoms. You will enjoy sunset and sunrise here and good trekking routes.

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