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Pakistan may be not much think-able for many travelers due to bad image created by local and international media, but there is a lot of interest to Visit Pakistan. Pakistan is the real India where every thing began, the Indus civilization, the scripts of Ragveda, Buddhism and the very language Sanskrit. Interestingly enough Pakistan has several World Heritage Sites which are still unexplored.

A large number of tourists visit Pakistan all year round. Pakistan’s historical places and natural beauty attract the foreigners who know the art of making the best out of life.

People with in Pakistan as well as the foreigners go to trips during spring or end of the summer to Muree, Ayubia, Swat, Kaghan, Naran and Ziarat. Muree, Ayubia, Swat and Naran. Lake Saif-ul-Malook, which is the Heighest Lake on earth, is on 30-minute drive from Naran, this lake is just like heaven on earth. The depth of this heighest lake is still unknown. This beautiful lake is surrounded by the mountains which are all around it, and which add a lot to it`s beauty.

Hunza valley is rightly called the prettiest valley on earth,this valley is over-looking sky high peaks like K-2 and Rakaposhi.

The worth seeing historical sights are Bambore, Mukli, Thatta, the Lahore Fort, the Shalimars, Jahangir`s tomb, Taxila and Khyber Pass. Out of these Sights, Jahangir`s tomb and Khyber pass have got a great historical importance. Jahangir`s tomb was built by the great mughal emperor, Jahangir and Khyber pass is the pass from where the conquerors from other parts of Asia, like Afghanistan and Iran entered the sub-continent.

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