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Below you'll find some fun and exciting Pacific Ocean Land Tourist Attractions. With our Pacific Ocean tourist guide you can find tourist information and fun things to do on vacation while browsing the Pacific Ocean tourist sites by category or location. Use the side links to find more Pacific Ocean Land Tourist Attractions, vacation information, hotels, hot travel deals, and restaurants for your Pacific Ocean travel.

A must see during your visit to Queenstown - spectacular views, scenic gondola ride, mouth-watering Taste of New Zealand buffet restaurant, fun filled gravity ride for everyone on the Luge, authentic Kiwi Haka maori cultural performance.
Costa Rica's central Pacific coast is one of the country's top vacation destinations. Long and indented, the Pacific coast is better developed for tourism than the Caribbean coast. Almost the entire Pacific coast is within the boundaries of the Puntarenas province.

The central Pacific coast offers an appealing mixture of luxury beach resorts, natural attractions, sportfishing towns, wildlife, and deserted beaches. Water sports such as snorkelling and surfing are popular, as is fishing and wildlife observation.

Iguana Park Description

The Pro Iguana Verde Foundation has created this non-profit project in order to protect the endangered green iguana. One of the major reasons the green iguana is endangered is because it has been severely over hunted for food. Through breeding and release programs, the foundation has released an estimated 100,000 iguanas into the wild as well as providing an income for iguana "farmers".

In the park's visitors center there are videos and exhibits about the green iguana and the foundation's project. The on-site restaurants allows for a sampling of iguana meat. Iguana Park covers 400ha/988ac of tropical rainforest and offers 4km/2.5mi of hiking trails. A canopy platform is found in the primary forest area, where visitors can rappel from tree to tree high above the ground.

Rainmaker Description

The Rainmaker is a unique attraction featuring suspension bridges running through the rainforest canopy. The Rainmaker was the first such aerial walkway in Central America. The linked bridges stretch 250m/ 820ft, and the highest point reaches 25 stories.

The surroundings are also very attractive; a rainforest trail leads along the bottom of a canyon to the bridges, passing streams and waterfalls. Boardwalks and bridges were built to protect the canyon floor. Other hiking trails are found in the 2,000ha/4,940ac preserve

Rainforest Aerial Tram Description

Opened to the public in 1994, the Rainforest Aerial Tram was built by Don Perry, a biologist and pioneer in the field of rainforest canopy research. The tram moves along 2.6km/1.61mi, and features 22 cars that can carry five passengers as well as a naturalist guide. The project was built without any harm done to the rainforest.

The silent tram moves along just above the forest canopy. The grounds cover 400ha/988ac of land that is a private reserve, and participants usually undertake a guided hike before riding the tram. Other trails are available for use for the duration of the day visit.

The vegetation in the reserve is very thick, and while several species have been recorded on the grounds observation is often difficult. Birds are most commonly spotted, and there are 300 species within the reserve

Berwik park

Hamilton House in South Berwick is a mansion that was built by Col Jonathan Hamilton in 1785. It was purchased by Mrs Emily Tyson and her stepdaughter, Elise, in 1898. They decided to restore the house to its former glory complete with antiques, painted murals and country style furnishings.

The house was also the setting for the novel "The Tory Lover" by Sarah Orne Jewett.

Crocodile park

To the south of Samut Prakan (777 Taiban Road) the crocodile farm, the second largest establishment of its kind in the world, claims to be home to 40,000 crocodiles. The owner of this extensive site, which resembles an American theme park, began in 1950 with a few dozen animals; he claims his motivation is to save this threatened species from extinction. Making money is not purely incidental; the farm has a business which processes crocodile leather. The "Washington Biodiversity Agreement", which extends to reptiles, allows the export of crocodile leather if it is from farmed animals. Before purchasing shoes, bags or belts the goods should be examined to see that they carry an internationally valid certificate.

The tours are interesting and worthwhile. Together with the crocodiles (including the largest crocodile held in captivity in the world, 5.9 m (19 ft) long and weighing 1.1 tons) are tigers, chimpanzees, snakes and elephants (rides available). The crocodile farm often features in one-day and half-day organized tours, often combined with a visit to Nakhon Pathom and the floating market at Damnoen Saduak.


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