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North Africa

North Africa is the northernmost region of the African continent, separated by the Sahara from Sub-Saharan Africa. Contained by the shores of the Mediterranean to the north and the arid sands of the Sahara to the south, the countries of North Africa were heavily influenced by ancient European civilizations such as Rome as well as the more recent expansion of Islam. The Mediterranean region is known for dry, hot summers, and wet winters, though year-round sun makes them prime tourist destinations.
Varying landscapes hold the key to past civilizations that have left their mark in the arid deserts, lost cities and vast ruins of the region. Some of the best bazaars in the world, doused with the smells of local spices, fruits and herbs can be found in the exotic cities of Marrakech, Istanbul and Cairo.

North African countries provide fascinating insights into the ways of the local people, customs and culture. The countries in North Africa provide foreign visitors with a deeper appreciation of Africa's history and cultures than they could ever obtain from movies and textbooks.


Algiers is Algeria’s capital. Its white buildings are famous all over the world.
It is located on the Bay of Algiers of the Mediterranean Sea, half way between Tunisia and Morocco. It is a cosmopolitan city with about a million inhabitants. Many Europeans live in it.

There are various worth exploring tourist destinations in Algeria, the second-largest country in Africa. Algeria covers the area from the Mediterranean coast deep into the hot Sahara. The country is separated into two halves by the Atlas Mountains. The Mediterranean beaches are the most sought after destinations tourists to gather. The popular tourist destinations in Algeria also offer some good accommodation options where the tourists can put up in ease. Here are some of the famous destinations


Khartoum, is the capital and major trading, financial and political centre of Sudan.
It is located on the western bank of the Blue Nile and forms a huge triangle, with its vertex at the confluence of the two Niles and the base bordering Gezira State about 30km south-eastward.
The climate is mainly tropical.
The city was founded in 1823 by Mehmet Ali and strengthened by walls and forts.
From 1899 to 1956 Khartoum was capital of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, and remained capital when Sudan became independent.
Khartoum, together with the two other cities, Khartoum North and Omdurman forms what is called the Tripartite Capital.


Tourist Attractions in Kabul can be found in plenty in the city. The major Tourist Attractions in Kabul include museums, gardens and mosques. Every year, large numbers of visitors come to this place to get to see these important Tourist Attractions in Kabul.

Afghan National Museum: Also known as the Kabul Museum, it houses more than 2,500 artifacts. These include treasures of ivory and antiques from early Buddhism and Islam.Statue of the Darul Aman Palace: This statue was built during the 1920 by reformist King Amanullah Khan.

The Mausoleum of Emperor Babur: The mausoleum bears the legacy of the great Mughal ruler Babur, the founder of Mughal dynasty in India. Chihlsitoon Gardens: This is a spacious garden which surrounds a state guest house called Chihlsitoon, meaning Forty Pillars. The mausoleum of Timur Shah Durrani- He was the king of Afghanistan until his death in 1793 and the second of the Duranni dynasty.

Id Gah Mosque: This is the largest mosque in Kabul. Because of its major influence on governmental decisions this was unofficially a political center.

The Minaret of Chakari: This minaret was built in1st or 2nd century A.D. as a Buddhist pillar. Flower Street and Chicken Street: This is one of the prime shopping areas in Kabul.


The historical buildings and towers are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of Kuwait Tourism. The Liberation Tower in Kuwait is one of the more famous of the the Kuwait Popular Destinations. This tower represents the Kuwaiti liberation from the Iraqi invasion. It is regarded as the tallest tower in the world. Another historical tower is Kuwait Towers in Kuwait. This is one of the famous landmarks of the city. Liberation Monument is a major place of sightseeing in KuwaiKuwait t. Some pSome popular antique buildings are the main parts of Kuwait Tourism. It includes Bayt Al-Bader in Kuwait and Sadu House in Kuwait. Tourism in Kuwait is also gaininggetting its popularity from some islands. They are Green Island in Kuwait and Failaka Island in Kuwait. Messila Beach in Kuwait is also a famous place as a tourist destination. You can also visit to some religious sites on your visit to Kuwait. They feature are the Grand Mosque in Kuwait, Our Lady of Arabia Church in Kuwait and Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait. These mosques and churches display a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. There are some Museums in Kuwait, which display the antique crafts, art and architecture of the old Kuwait. Do not miss a chance to visit Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum in Kuwait, Tareq Rajab Museum in Kuwait and Kuwait National Museum. Tourism of Kuwait is also famous for the amusement parks. Entertainment City in Kuwait, Al-Sha'ab leisure park in Kuwait andKuwait and Zoological Garden of Kuwait are most popular amusement parks in Kuwait. Kuwait Tourism also improves with the rich cultural tradition.


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