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Central America

Tiny on a map, Central America packs in more diversity than any similar-sized area on the planet. No matter when or how long you visit, daily adventures are there for the taking. They come in all styles – fun, easy, bumpy, challenging, surprising, fulfilling – the sort you’ll be talking about for decades.

Caribbean white-sand beaches and offshore reefs border lazy backpacker towns while, not far away, coffee-scented mountains reach, Dr Seuss–like, through smoke-ring clouds. Spanish haciendas line the cobblestone streets of 16th-century colonial towns under the ominous gaze of lava-gurgling volcanoes. Wander through dense jungle to find Mayan pyramids that date back a millennium as bulldog-sized rodents scurry past and howler monkeys commute in the treetops above you.

elize is a small country in Central America. It lies on the southeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.It borders Guatemala on the west, Mexico on the north, and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Belize covers 22,965 square kilometres.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ideal tropical paradise for your vacation. Tourists can enjoy the pristine beaches and see whales and dolphins play. For Nature lovers there is a great variety of exotic wildlife and tropical plants. Butterflies and orchids, crocodiles and sharks, turtles and Toucans´ are everywhere. The rainforest covering the mountains are a paradise for eco tourism.Life is good in Costa Rica, a friendly, democratic and peaceful country.

For action vacation you can surf, hike, do rafting, canopying, diving, deepwater fishing and snorkeling. You can go with a low budget or seek the more exclusive resorts.

For relaxation there are beautiful unique golf courses and luxury spas. The hotels have all the modern comforts in the most private and secluded environments.


BSituated geographically in the County of Bay which is present in the Florida state of USA, Panama City is a city and also the largest city present between Pensacola and Tallahassee. To be more precise, this settlement is the greater part of Panama City- Lynn Haven combination of cities. It is well connected via the Highway 98 to the Balboa Avenue and the Bay Avenue. Previously this place was known as the best place for investment with the emergence of major industries in these parts. According to a survey in which land was measured, this town recorded to have a total land area of 69.1 square kilometres. The census that took place here recently showed that this place has a population of 36,417 people. Many people are associated with large multinational companies and the standard of living here is high. This place is often used by TV serials and commercials in their shoots. The climate here is tropical and is found to be humid. The winds can get chilly during the winters and the summers are very hot.


Just as breathtaking and beautiful as the Honduran girls are, is their country. Honduras is a beautiful, partly discovered country in the center of Central America. The climate is ideal. Depending on the location, it is mainly subtropical. The country has coasts at the Pacific and the Atlantic with tropical dream beaches, palm trees and white sand. Besides that, you can find beautiful mountains, caves, waterfalls, hot water springs and lakes. Honduras has several beautiful colonial cities. As with most countries. You can also discover the world-famous Maya-ruins of Copán in this country. As most countries in Central America, Honduras is politically stable and eager to progress. The main language is Spanish but English is also widely spoken. English is officially spoken at the breathtaking Bay Islands. Tourism is only starting, therefore the stay is cheaper than in most popular vacation destinations, and accommodations are already on a pretty good level.


A 1998 U.S. News and World Report article touted Nicaragua as a hot new retirement destination, with Central America's lowest crime rate. Nicaragua can perhaps be the most seriously considered the land of opportunity, of all the countries in Central America."

But for most who have experienced Nicaragua, it is the 300 days of sunshine spent in a land of lakes and volcanoes, lush rainforests and sun swept beaches. Nicaragua is a country whose biological diversity, rivaling that of Costa Rica, is virtually unstudied and untapped. Even more amazing are the people of Nicaragua, whose easy going hospitality, rooted opinions and charm are probably their nation's greatest attraction. Nicaragua has undergone tremendous change in the last decade. The fabric of what makes Nicaragua a unique land has just begun to be woven throughout the world.

Its ecological attractions, democratic government and flourishing economy make it the ideal place to visit or start your new future. The opportunity that you are about to discover is one that most people will probably look over and it will be too late. Don't be left behind. Nicaragua is the last sandy frontier in the America's and it won't be that way for long.

Rodrigues Islad

Rodrigues inherited its name from the Portuguese navigator, Don Diego Rodriguez, who visited the island briefly in 1528. However, the discovery of Rodrigues is in fact much earlier than the 16th century. Between the 10th and the 11th centuries, the Arabs regularly visited the Mascarenes Islands. As a major proof, a map realized during the 12th century by the Arabic geographer, Al Sharif El-Edrissi, which clearly shows the three islands of the Mascarenes known back then as Dina Arobi (Mauritius), Dina Margabin (Reunion) and Dina Moraze (Rodrigues).

As from 1601, the Dutch anchored in the island’s lagoon to take in fresh supplies of food without really settling down.

It is only in 1691 that François Leguat and his 7 Huguenot companions disembarked on the island in a view to set up a colony of protestant refugees. But, overwhelmed by the loneliness, they left the island after two years and decided to move to Mauritius Island using rafts.

Years went by, the island still remained unoccupied and was solely used as a supply anchor for those ships that were on their way to the Indies. The island was abundant in a particular specie of tortoises, which had already disappeared from the other Mascarenes Islands.

Following the orders of Mahé de Labourdonnais, governor of Ile de France (Mauritius) and Bourbon Island (Reunion), the island was to be permanently occupied in 1735. A detachment settled down, assigned with the task of gathering the tortoises and loading them on the ships of the Indies Company so as to supply these two islands as well as passing ships in fresh meat. This pillage went on for 60 years and brought about their extinction at the end of the 18th century.


The Republic of Guatemala, Capaital city Guatermala, extends over an area of 110,000 km2 where live about14,000 people who practice different religions: a mix of Mayan and Catholic, Pentecostal and Roman Catholic, as well!
Official language is spanish, but others are also spoken!
The country offers a lot: active and high volcanoes, astonishing Mayan remains, highly destructive earthquakes and its history, unforgettable, still at present!
Tourists are usually sound and safe in Guatemala, but better is not to get around at dark especially in Guatemala City, the administrative, business and commercial centre, which little has to offer as a tourist resort!
Not to forget, anyhow, the Museo Nacional de Archeologia y Etnologia as well as The Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno where both objects form Mayan times and 20th guatemalan art can be admired!
Highly humid all year round with temperetures up to 100° F, better the dry period!
Weather conditions vary on the highlands where it is generally freezing at night, slightly wet and coolish in the rainy season, nice and warm between the end of september and mid – may!
Guatemala City is the capital with about 2,500,000 people inhabitants. It is a great metropolis and the main commercial, business and political centre of the Nation.


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