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In a diverse country like Canada offering innumerable scenic places, it’s very difficult to pen down a handful of top attractions. There are so many”must sees” in Canada that one will be baffled about where to start the venture from. Occupying a generous portion of North America, Canada stretches from Pacific to Atlantic oceans. Again the northern portion of Canada also borders Arctic Ocean. Apart from visiting the tourist destinations in Canada, one can also indulge in several activities such as skiing, watching hockey game, ice fishing etc. Canada gets foreign tourists mainly due to some of the spectacular scenic retreats


Toronto is a great city to live and work in, or just to visit. We have a high quality of life and reliable services, in one of the safest urban environments in the world. We have a lot more going for us, too.

Here are 10 of the most popular Toronto attractions that span the modern to the historical and the cultural to the commercial.These attractions are all easily accessible (within a 20 minute walk or 5-15 minute public transit ride away) from Union Station in downtown Toronto.

Toronto's population is one of the most diverse in the world. Nearly all of the world's culture groups are represented in Toronto and more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken


Canada's second-largest city, is geographically as close to the European coast as to Vancouver, and in look and feel it combines some of the finest aspects of the two continents. Its North American skyline of glass and concrete rises above churches and monuments in a melange of European styles as varied as Montréal's social mix. This is also the second-largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris, but only two-thirds of the city's three and a half million people are of French extraction, the other third being a cosmopolitan mishmash of les autres – including British, Eastern Europeans, Chinese, Italians, Greeks, Jews, South Americans and West Indians. The result is a truly multidimensional city, with a global variety of eateries, bars and clubs, matched by a calendar of festivals that makes this the most vibrant place in Canada.

Beyond the city limits, Montréalers are blessed with superb holiday regions, most within an hour or two of the metropolis. To the west, the forested region of the Outaouais makes for great outdoor activities, while to the north the fertile banks of the St Lawrence and the lake-sprinkled mountains of the Laurentians offer a reprieve from muggy summer temperatures and an escape from the winter blues. To the east, the charm of the Cantons-de-l'Est (Eastern Townships) lies in the acres of farmlands, orchards, maple woods and lakeshore hamlets popular among antique collectors. En route to Québec City, the Mauricie valley, the province's smallest national park, has a web of waterways and lakes amidst a landscape of mountainous forest.

Britesh Columbia

Touring is the ideal way to travel British Columbia's natural beauty. Visit the majestic peaks of the Kootenay Rocky Mountains, listen to the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island, learn about Native Cultures in Northern British Columbia, fish pristine lakes in the Cariboo, golf some of the world's finest courses in the Okanagan or view the abundant wildlife of the Thompson. British Columbia is a land where "the things to see and do" are as diverse as the landscape, it's people, and your imagination.

Located in Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, Amethyst Inn at Regents Park is an authentic, 1885 Victorian Mansion. Surrounded by gracious mansions and beautiful gardens in the Rocklands Neighbourhood, Amethyst Inn is 3 blocks from the Lieutenant Governor's Estate, Craigdarroch Castle and the Art Gallery and central to all of Victoria's many attractions


The ideas and information contained in this module are primarily directed at local government management and staff, particularly those who supervise or direct tourism activity in their municipalities. Invariably, the impetus and drive to establish and sustain a successful tourism area resides with local government. While the private sector accommodates, feeds and entertains the visitors, it is the myriad of items handled by local government – from road quality to street cleanliness – that often determines whether a person will return and will tell others to visit.It needs to be remembered that, while much of the information presented will have common threads applicable to many regions, the issues and success stories presented in this module have been influenced by local factors and, therefore, may not directly translate to other areas.


The capital of the second biggest country on the planet,OTTAWAstruggles with its reputation as a bureaucratic labyrinth of little charm and character. The problem is that many Canadians who aren't federal employees – and even some who are – blame the city for all the country's woes. All too aware of this, the Canadian government have spent lashings of dollars to turn Ottawa into "a city of urban grace in which all Canadians can take pride" – so goes the promotional literature, but predictably this very investment is often resented. Furthermore, the hostility is deeply rooted, dating back as far as 1857 when Queen Victoria, inspired by some genteel watercolours, declared Ottawa the capital, leaving Montréal and Toronto smarting at their rebuff.


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