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Explore Mystic India

Vedic tours & travels takes its name from “Vedas”, the store house of higher wisdom. Knowledge that was heard or orally communicated first to the saints & sages and then from them to their disciples. Vedas are also said to be direct gift from God to man. It was only centuries later that man compiled this information to form of four volumes of what’s called Vedas.

Translated for us, Vedic means relating to knowledge - knowledge of India, her culture & traditions, experience of the culture and values besides understanding the needs of a foreign visitor to the country. The direct result of this knowledge and experience over time is expertise in presenting India further to those wanting to know and experience as much as possible within limited time.


India - Land of Mystery & Mythology

India is one of the mysteries of the world and a country everyone wants to visit at least once. There is a wealth of sights, cultural exuberance, diversity of landscape, terrain and weather in search of that special something, that only India promises and delivers.

Experience a holiday in India. It’s a country full of historical monuments, culture, festivity and color.


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